Thursday, February 16, 2012

FRIDAY 2-10-12

In the pool again today for my water aerobics class. It is snowing but not too cold. We shopped yesterday so have all we need for supper and cards with friends. I am making Chili Ricks and cornbread, they are bringing a salad and dessert. We always have a great time.  My Christmas Cactus is blooming it's little heart out. I took some pics and will download them before I post this.
this is what it looks like inside today,
this is what it looks like outside!

I sorted my travel sewing bag and still cannot find the free motion foot for my Janome.  I can't remember if I loaned it to someone at Prairie Points or what!!  Guess I'll have to purchase another, that makes me crazy.  Lately I have lost a number of things. I am sure they are just out of place, but I cannot put my hands on them and it drives me "bonkers"

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