Saturday, December 7, 2019

A SNAFU of the "scrappy" sort!

While I am looking forward to Christmas, my sewing mojo had taken a nosedive. I’m trying to decide what to do for RSC20. Thinking about UFOs to get on a list, etc.

My OMG for December was delivered to the quilter before Thanksgiving. She was in MN to spend the holiday with her younger son and family. The weather caused them to be delayed getting back home.

She was able to start to get my quilt on the long arm and discovered a problem . My backing was too small!!  OMG, I am so embarrassed!  Luckily she is a dear friend and lives close. So yesterday I picked up my bag if pieces and parts. I couldn’t figure out how that had happened. Then I found the note I had written to her. It said, the quilt is square, 48 x 48!  And the backing and batting are pieced to be 56 x 56. The requested 4” larger on each side, should be good , right!

Well my quilt is nor 48 x 48, as you can tell!

It's rectangular, 48 x 64! It had been a while since I finished it. And I thought the sticky note with the dimension was for the bow tie quilt! Wrong!!!!
My news year’s resolution will be to have a notebook/ journal where I keep the data on each finish!

Ok, lesson learned! (At least we will hope so!)

I did not have enough of the backing fabric but found a maroon and cream gingham that looks alright. No creative piecing either. Just git it done!  It's going to be a picnic quilt to carry in the car!

 I had to add 13 inches!

A close up, that doesn’t look so muted! I had to cut a new batting piece also. Luckily I had a twin size batt in my closet, 

It will go back to Lynn tomorrow And she will get it done. I’ll probably use the leftover original backing scraps for binding. Let’s see, 48 + 48 + 64+64+12” = 236! Add it again, write it down with details, Judy!! Go! 

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For those of you who are tired of seeing my Bow Tie quilt, I apologize.  

Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Dec OMG Goal

This is a photo of my Bow tie quilt top. It was one of the blocks I did for RSC19 at So Scrappy. It is at the quilters now. She promised to have it done for me before she left to go south to AZ for Christmas and the following 4 months. She will, I am sure.  So I will prep a binding. My goal is to have the binding on the quilt by New Year’s Eve. 

It's a small goal, but there may be a snafu in there. We will see. Our granddaughter and her husband and 2 kids will be moving in with us at the end of Dec. It’s a long story as to the why. I’ll spare you the details. It will only be for about 60 days.( we hope)  We only have 2 bedrooms, it will be cozy. But my quilting and hand sewing time will be limited. J is at school M-F and Miss B goes to pre school in the afternoons, M-TH, so there will be those times. I haven't learned yet how to sew with littles around. These 2 are so curious and so busy!

You may get to hear me rant a bit or at least vent. I'll apologize in advance.

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Friday, November 29, 2019

November OMG complete

My November goal was to catch up to current, my temperature quilt.

I have October attached to the main part of the quilt , complete with dividing black sashing.
Thanks to Mr Busy for holding it outside for a photo. The temps are dropping as I write this.

November row is done up to today. Actually, yesterday, because we are expecting a lot of snow and wind, so who knows what the low will be at midnight. I wait til morning to check the previous day.

And the “filler” block,  to take the place of the 31st is cut and ready to be attached to the 30th

So my November OMG is complete. Hooray!

I'm linking up with Patty's Finish post and starting to think about an OMG for December! ?????

Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Monday, November 25, 2019

Oh Scrap! Garlic Knots

I got the last of the 88 garlic knots done. I counted on Friday, I was one short!  So I quickly cut and stitched one more. This morning I took down the blocks that were on my design wall ( donations blocks for CiL) and started to put up Garlic Knots. Mr Busy is still asleep, the cat woke me at 5:20AM! 

I'm setting them at  8 X 11!  I took them bundle by bundle. I thought I had 10 in each bundle and then 8 more. But, I made 91!! Three extra!.. Better than not enough!

You can see I have a TOO DARK one in the middle!  Glad I had a few extra!  And above the dark one, up 2 rows is a multi colored one that I don't really like now!  REPLACED!  And to the right of the multi colored one is one that I used 2 different neutrals. Not happy with it either!

I replaced the 3 I really did not like.  And I see some light ones that need to be changed around.

sorry for the indoor pictures. i can't get far enough away from my design wall to get a decent photo!

I will live with these for a day or two, change a few and then take them down in stacks so I can web them together.

ps: my scrap bins are not any emptier!!!!!!!

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Stay Busy and Stay Happy     

                                                         and Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA.  Happy Week to other                                                                                                     around the world friends.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Not Finished and some Finished

 I've been playing catch up on my temperature quilt. It's my OMG for November. October is complete and the top and bottom of the row are attached  to it. I will take time Tuesday to sew October to the rest of the quilt. Then continue to make daily blocks for November. When Patty puts up the OMG Finish link up, I’ll wait till the last possible moment to post how far I’ve gotten.   l really can’t complete November till Dec 1st, so I know what the nightly low was . Sometimes our lowest temp happens before midnight, sometimes not! Just depends.

So now you see Not Finished!  I 'll show some quilts from a recent quilt show that ARE finished.

Halloween quilts
This was a panel I think, the quilting was fabulous!

The colors and the piecing in this one were amazing!

We are in Wyoming!  There must be wildlife.

Quilts of Valor, too!

My friend Connie won a people's choice for this log cabin beauty!

There were birds and bats.

And bit and bobs!

351 quilts in all!

There are quilters in my community that FINISH!

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Just Keep Sewing, Sewing, Sewing!!!

I'm still sewing scraps!  Not completing anything, but moving forward just the same. 

Six more Garlic Knot blocks were completed! I am gaining on the needed 88 blocks!

These six blocks for CiL's November December block drive are done. I usually send 8, so I need to dig for a few more larger scraps to cut the 6.5 " blocks.  Go to Kat & Cat Quilts' blog to see the pattern and the color suggestions. She suggests several different ways to lay out the block!  That's kind of fun. 

And I am trimming HST for the Mystery Quilt Along on Alycia's blog. There is a tab at the top of her blog with all the info you need to QAL.

I'm also trying to come up with blocks for next years Rainbow Scrap Challenge. There are so many choices!  What block are you going to do?

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Or Not Finished Friday!

Seems I have more in the Not Finished column than in the Finished column this week!

I'm still building garlic knot blocks. Including these six, I have 69 finished. I'm going for 88, in a 8 X 11 layout. I have 4 more in partial mode and 5 more sets cut. That means back to my scrap bin to cut 10 more sets and then, maybe then I can put them together!

 I have 6  blocks for Kat's Coverered in Love block drive.  These are 12.5" blocks in blue, seafoam green?, and white/gray!. My stash is nearly cleared out of those colors.  I try to make 8 to mail to Kat.

And I am not finished with Step 1 of Alycia's Mystery Winter Quilt Along. Trimming up HST blocks to 6.5 inches. I am having fun with this one. All 3 pieces of fabric where in my stash.  Whoop Whoop!

I'll keep working on all these "not" finished things. Maybe something will get done. Of course, maybe not! 

I'll link up with Finished or Not Friday. 
I don't have a Whoop Whoop, so probably won't post to Sarah's Can I Get a Whoop Whoop. But I will check out every one else's projects.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy