Saturday, June 15, 2019

Scrappy Saturday June 15th

So June's color is Blue.  Navy or Med Blue is suggested. My scrappy sprout blocks had been partially constructed prior to the announcement of the color. So there is a bit of lighter blue in some of the sprouts. The contrast is good.

I may have posted these previously! This is what could happen if your 5 yo great grandson wants to watch you fix the strap on his reading pillow and bumps into the design board you hastily laid aside, but not "UP"!
Oh well, it was remedied very quilkly!

I made a couple more Bow tie blocks, then went back and checked my graph paper layout cheat sheet!  I only need  6 Blue blocks and I would like them to be a mixture of blues. So 3 dark/med blue will be good.

I have been working on Tiny Tuesday Blues.  The Grandmothers Fan block gave me the blues!  Or maybe a better description would be "the jitters".  I procrastinated, and procrastinated!  I happily made the 2nd Tiny Tuesday block for June from Cynthia's cute and well written tutorial.  I'ts the one on the right and as of now, does not have a name. I'm calling mine Town Square, until Cynthia picks a name officially!

I searched the internet for hints on paper piecing with freezer paper. A long time ago that method was taught at a retreat and this is the finished product. So I know I can "Do It".  But I had forgotten the fine points!

I was able to find a link to a free guide here. Thank you Rebecca!! So I happily printed the document and set about paper piecing the tiny blue fan!  When it came time to trim the fan arc, I again experienced the "jitters"!  Slow and steady, Judy. You can do this! I took Angela's advice and cut an oversize block to appliqued the fan to. Then I worried about turning under the edges. So I ironed the shape onto the back of the block and cut the shape including seam allowance. The seam allowance was generous, maybe 3/8 ".

Have you ever used the spray starch method for turning under edges for applique?  I remember seeing a friend and experienced quilter do it a few years ago. So I sprayed some starch in an extra laundry detergent cap, found a small soft bristled paint brush, turned on the iron and set to it!  You basically paint the starch on the seam allowance and press it over the pattern edge.  Sometimes a stylus works to keep your fingers out of the way.

Then I did the same for the small background piece that will be appliqued on top of the narrow part of the fan blades.

It is done!  A tiny bit wonky, but I am basically pleased.  See the photo above, next to the Town Square block.

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Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Friday, June 14, 2019

It's on the Design Wall...

And starting to be assembled!

All the blocks for the 5 yard quilt are assembled and put up on the design wall. This is the biggest quilt my wall will accommodate.

I have started to assemble it, stitching blocks A to B in Row 1, then A to B in Row 2 and so on. There are 6 rows X 5 columns. I will sew all column E blocks to CD blocks then assemble the rows horizontally. Usually I web a quilt, but this week has been one of sporadic bits of sewing time, so this simpler method seemed the way to go.

The missing blocks are at my machine ready to go under the needle.

This is my OMG project for June, so I am well on my way if I don't get sidetracked!

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Slow Start to June

Not much has been happening yet for the beginning of June. Lots of challenges to be met, stitching to be done, and also some flowers to be planted.

RSC19 has a new color BLUE...Navy and dark blue. There will be some lighter blues in my sprout blocks and my garlic knots.  It just has to be!

So far I have 2 scrappy sprout blocks, one Bowtie Block,

 and some 12.5" blocks for a quilt for my brother.

I was waiting on fabric to round out the material needed for a 5 yard quilt Biggee Size!
That fabric showed up in my mailbox yesterday!  Hooray. Now I need to launder it and press it and start cutting.

Another exciting thing happened in our family!  My youngest nephew, the younger son of the brother who will be the recipient of the baseball quilt, defended his thesis and got his PhD.

I think there will be another "graduation" quilt in the works!!  His doctorate is in limnology!  Look that one up!!!!  He and his wife and son, live in Minnesota.

So that's my month so far!  There was even one blue Garlic Knot!

I am looking forward to next be productive!!!  I'm linking up with

 Angela at Scrappy Happy Saturday and hopefully Oh Scrap at Quilting is More Fun than Housework on Sunday.

One other photo to share!  Great granddaughter on the slide this week!  Lots of static! LOL!!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Monday, June 3, 2019

June OMG goal 5 Yard Baseball Quilt

Here we are, it's June! Time to set another goal. This One Monthly Goal Challenge has been so fun and has really helped me stay on track. Thanks Patty for doing all the work that it takes to make this challenge happen.

I decided last week that my brother, the older of the two, deserves a quilt. My baby brother got one  a few years ago when he lost his life partner.  Last October my sister’s husband passed away. I wanted to make her a comfort quilt. Then she was diagnosed with lung cancer in January! So I got busy on that one. It was delivered to her on March 30th.

I received a 2 yard piece of the baseball fabric in a tote of fabric that nobody wanted!

 It spoke to me. My brother is a Little League Umpire, and last December he had a heart attack. He is doing well, phenomenally so.   He plans to go back to umpiring this summer,  I decided I needed to commemorate that milestone. The solid blue was also in that tote.  I searched locally for the other 3 fabrics to make a 5 yard quilt. It's my favorite pattern to use, when there is a special feature fabric.
I could not find what I wanted. So I searched the internet. I found baseball themed fabric! I hope they coordinate well!  The order will arrive on Saturday the 9th. In the mean time I will get all the 9 1/2" squares cut and bordered with the blue.
My JUNE OMG  is to get all the blocks (30) done and put together in a flimsy! That includes the borders. There are two! The quilt finishes at approx  64X76. I don't know who designed this pattern. The copy I have was found on the internet, years ago.

I think I can get that done! 
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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Last ScrappyHappy Saturday in May

Most of my orange sewing was completed earlier in the month. A tiny bit of orange string block stitching was done. I still have an orange butterfly to make for Tiny Tuesday.  Then it will be on to dark and navy blue!

I am reaching the end of my orange scraps. I have some larger than fat quarter chunks but not many bits and pieces. And the variety is lacking!

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Friday, May 31, 2019

Sorting, Pressing, Stripping, Not much sewing

This week was busy at our house. Our youngest granddaughter and her fiance were in town fromSaturday through Wednesday afternoon. We celebrated birthdays ( hers and her sister's), the Memorial Holiday was celebrated too! So there were people here for most meals and some we carried in. Phew! I was tired when it was over.

So I did not get much sewing done.

A little bit of orange string blocks.
Some yellow on deck for one or two yellow string blocks. (above)

There were some garlic knots constructed. I'm not fond of the 6th one ( 2nd row, 3rd block), the monkey fabric was mostly blue, but when cut, I got a monkey face that is pretty prominent!  Oh well, in the big scheme, it will work OK!

And a whole lot of pressing and sorting of the  donated fabric. 

I made a quilt for a great grandson( he is going to 6 in February) using some like the Bronco fabric on the left. I had used up all of mine since then low and behold another chunk of it shows up in the donated fabric!  WOW!

See the blue solid and the baseball print to the right?  That is destined to be part of a 5 yard quilt for my brother. He is a Little League umpire and avid baseball and football fan. He is the only one of my siblings that I have not made a quilt for yet.  So there is that!

And I stripped the scraps and other odd fabric into 1/2" strips to be rolled into a ball and crochet into throw rugs. 
The basket on the left is full of scraps that need to be joined together and rolled into a ball for use later. 
I will link up to Finished or Not Friday!  There was no post to link to....hope all is well in Myra's world.!
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Saturday, May 25, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday 5-25

It's Saturday!  Time to share my scrappy sewing.

The first 3 Tiny Tuesdays in Orange. That is all the orange sewing I did this week.

If you read my blog post on the 24th  you know what I have been doing. All that washing, drying, sorting  and pressing made me long for some machine time. I have been wanting to do Garlic Knot blocks ever since Bonnie Hunter had the PDF download on her blog. I saved it to my hard drive until now. I printed it out on Wednesday night and spent some time cutting and clipping.

 I wanted to do one block to see how it went. These 2 got done. I like them. Because there is a point when sewing one block as a leader and ender, you need to start another!!  LOL

I'm linking up with Angela at So Scrappy  and Cynthia's Oh Scrap post on Sunday. At least that's my plan. My youngest granddaughter and her fiance are arriving today from Colorado. Her birthday is the 30th and her sister's  ( who live here) birthday was the 21st, so we will have a Sisters Birthday celebration probably Sunday. It is supposed to be the nicest day.  I should be able to pop on the computer early Sunday before the day gets started and do the link up to  Oh Scrap!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy