Saturday, September 19, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday 9.19.20


It’s a no red week !  Nothing red was sewn. The only red in my life this week, was keeping the red petunias in my deck railing box healthy,

 the sun at sunset was red due to all the smoke. I did not take a photo, my phone camera makes it look pink! Our air quality yesterday was 187. 

 There  was cherry pie for Mr. Busy’s birthday!

and a few strawberries harvested!

Sewing wise, I worked on my September OMG . You can read about the whole thing here. 

and started sewing the binding down on the Dick and Jane quilt! One corner is done, and almost an adjacent side. Goal is to be done by Monday night! 

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Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy

Friday, September 18, 2020

Finished or Not Finished Friday!

I'll be linking up at  Alycia Quilts ' Finished or Not Finished Friday

 Nothing totally finished, but they are getting closer to the finish line. 

The binding is attached to the Dick and Jane quilt. 

One corner is done and almost the adjacent side.  It should be done in a few more hours. Definitely in time to enter into the quilt show. 

And the Loose Threads Challenge project is now a pillow cover! If you have been following this project, it started as a paper bag full of stuff. A mini charm pack, glitter glue, 2 feathers, a piece of plaid ribbon, some funky pom poms, a Styrofoam bird and 2 pieces of coordinating fabric plus a list o weird holidays to use as inspiration. Because I had the drive -in movie fabric, I chose June 6th. Drive-In Movie Day. I know!  Our project coordinator is demented! We had to chose a day and make a project using at least 2 items from the bag! 

The patchwork panel, using a mini charm pack called Sunday Supper from Moda, plus 3 extra squares cut from stash to get the required 45 (9X5). It is lightly quilted in a grid and has Thermore batting . 

The original pattern that inspired this is called a book pillow. I first found in on Polka Dot Chair blog and have made a few as book pillows and electronic tablet pillows. This is an 18"square pillow, so it could hold a book..

or a package of cookies..

The backing has a zipper closure. The flap covering the zipper was pieced to make the scraps available equal 18 1/2 " 

These are cut out from the text fabric provided by the challenge coordinator, and fused on. The End will be hand appliqued with a buttonhole stitch. Because I forgot to add it prior to completing the cover. Doh!

The applique pieces on the front of the pillow were buttonhole stitched by machine!

The only additional thing to do is add the silver glitter glue to a few of the stars.  I practiced on a left over piece and it works well and it just the right amount of bling! 

So Not Finished, but both project close.  And the pillow is my OMG for September. So I am pleased!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy,

Thursday, September 17, 2020

I LIKE Thursday #11

 LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color hosts this format so we can share positives in our lives.  We can focus on good thoughts and things instead of negatives. 

Beside My Chair!  

This funny looking contraption is a stand for my iPad. Since our kids and grandkids are far away...and the pandemic happened....we have scheduled a weekly ZOOM.  I started with a stack of magazines. Mr Busy watched my dilemma and made this easel-like stand. It's made out of Dollar Store foam board that just happens to be black and some CA( cyanocrylate) glue . Mr Busy flies Radio Controlled Airplanes and has made a few from foam board. So these supplies were in his “build room” (studio)! It works really well and I don't have to hold my iPad or get a photo of the ceiling. 

Sometimes in the evening I like to sip a brew!  A Blue Moon Belgian White garnished with orange slices. 

Other likes this week.....

1.  Our furnace/AC is working. It was nothing serious. The repairman was young, pleasant and knowledgeable. It could have been worse. It could have been in the middle of winter instead of just a short cold snap. We'll be good for winter now, a new filter and the condenser hose cleaned out. Mr. Busy even got a lesson, so if the same thing happens again he can fix it. The furnace is only 3 years old and still under warranty. But he likes to know what to do. We don’t need the furnace this week, only running the A/C during the day.   

2.  House plants in from their summer on the deck.

My Christmas cactus and two amaryllis now reside in front of our living room picture window. 

My granddaughters aloe vera and Easter Cactus live on the coffee table

This big schefflera softens the corner between the living room and dining room. 

Now to withhold the water on the amaryllis and get them downstairs in the dark, so they can rest and bloom again for Christmas. Fingers crossed. Some years I have good luck and some years not!. 

3.  Today is Mr. Busy' s birthday. He requested cherry pie from the store. I’m not good with pie crust any more. When I baked regularly, when Mr Busy worked construction and packed a lunchbox, I was better at it.  And pie packs well, so I made a lot of pie.  But I’m out of the my  pie crusts turn out tough.

We'll have cherry pie and vanilla ice cream and he'll be a happy guy!

That might be all the positives this week. My life is mostly positive, so I don't note the daily "good stuff".  I spend some time each day in my sewing room. And I spend some time each day reading blogs and touching bases with my quilting friends in blogland. That is a big GOOD!

ps: after I wrote this draft , I was deadheading some chrysanthemums in the front of the house and noticed a strawberry in the strawberry bed. Lo and behold there were a few. 

This is enough to top our ice cream with a few left over for breakfast cereal. Yummy!

Have a great rest of the week. I'll see you all on the internet! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #6


I’m so glad that I happened on  the  To-Do Tuesday List hosted by Home Sewn by Us. This one keeps me accountable on a weekly basis. I’m a believer in small steps lead to big projects done!  I'm back to be accountable again. 

Last week's To-Do List: 

 September 7- September 14

1. Sew Geese Migration blocks  Done

2. Cut parts for Easy Breezy blocks  Done

There is only 4 sets done....but that will work. Unless I run across some more 1 1/2" strips, that will be all the red ones that  I do. 

3. Work on Loose Threads Challenge   Done

The mini charm pack plus a bit of the text fabric is the front of the pocket panel. And some text cut out and ready to be fused to the pillow front. 

So now to get busy for this week. 

Next weeks To-Do List

September 15 - September 21

1. Bind Dick and Jane quilt.   I settled on the brown fabric. 

2. Continue on the Loose Threads challenge. ( get the pillow top done and the back zipper figured out)

3. Trace Christmas designs on neutral for Hexagon Table topper 

 I have copied the designs to regular paper from the book Christmas Truffles.  And now will get out the lightbox and trace on the background fabric. 

I'm linking to Roseanne and Sue's party...... To-Do Tuesday Linky and Weekly Progress Update

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy

Saturday, September 12, 2020

A Red Saturday!


Just some sewing “happening here! What it is ain’t exactly clear!”

Red Geese Migration blocks

Red Hollow 9 patch blocks

There needs to be at least one more of those!

A couple red Easy Breezy blocks

Look what can happen when you aren't paying attention!


Some secret red sewing... I’m looking at you J. 

And a dilemma that is not red! 

This quilt needs binding.  I saved the 1/2 yard of turquoise for that purpose!

Now that it is quilted and laying on the family room floor, I thinking brown. I dug in the brown bin and found 1/2 yard of the brown in the quilt!

What say you?   Turquoise or Brown!   It will probably be a donation quilt, or I may keep it here for guest grandchildren.....because I love the Dick and Jane fabric. 

Guess there is enough to keep me busy this week. 

I'm linking up with Angela at ScrapHappy Saturday. Go have a look! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy

Friday, September 11, 2020

Finished or Not Finished Friday 9-11-2010


I don’t have a finish this week, lots of starts and progress, I guess. I did want to post today though! Because!

              We must never forget! 9.11.2001

I have  2 Red Geese Migration blocks done. I’m starting to think about the finish for this one. I need to decide on a background fabric, a solid! Probably cream or ivory 

And I need to get the binding made and applied for this one!

A close up of the quilting!

I just call this one, Dick and Jane.  I wish I had enough of the Dick and Jane print to bind it....but I don't.  All the other fabric is from stash, but I think I have enough of the blue/aqua.  It will have to do. 

 Our local quilt show is the first weekend in October! I probably won’t attend, but will take this these two quilts to show. 

Winter Mystery QOV  from Alycia Quilts.  

And Dick and Jane, above.  

I'm linking up with Finished or Not Finished Friday! at Alycia Quilts.  Go check out everyone's finishes. Alycia's is really wonderful!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy